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MSFS2020 Screen extension settings (Fenix A320)

Hold down the right side Alt and click the screen, a window pops up

Drag the title bar to the Qcdu screen and keep the top-left in the Qcdu screen.(do not resize, not maximum, it will cause a black edge)

Press Alt+Enter to full screen.

If there are multiple windows, click the magnifying glass to realize independent windows

18 thoughts on “MSFS2020 Screen extension settings (Fenix A320)”

  1. QFCU for airbus works with all modes? What are the known bugs for now? I want to know coz I want to buy. I currently own another brand and it is very buggy.

  2. I followed the steps to make the QCDU work with Fenix a320, but unfortunately after “Hold down the right Alt and click the screen, a window pops up” the pop widow is blank (black) and I’m not able to move it, resize, close etc. It locks me from MSFS2020. I tried with the FBWA320 and it works fine.

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